2 New Membership Options & Unlimited Possibilities

Recently, we’ve announced two new membership options–the All-Hours Membership and the Punch Card Membership–in addition to our traditional membership options. To recap, here they are:

All-Hours Membership: Come in and work any time you’d like–you’ll have your own key and alarm code to the building. This level of membership carries additional responsibilities and is available to Maker Works members who have been in active membership for at least three months, taken at least two checkout classes, and meet other requirements outlined in the All-Hours application.

The number of All-Hours memberships available is limited. Once you have one you can renew it as long as you’d like. Request an application at our front desk, or email membership@maker-works.com.

Punch Card Membership: 10 one-day memberships that you can use any time you’d like over the course of a year. You can also authorize other people to use your “punches,” and can apply any unused value to month or year memberships. Stop by any time to pick yours up.