7 Ways to Be a Maker Works Member

You may have heard about our newest membership option: Pro.

Pro membership provides additional hours of access to the shop from 9am to 1pm Monday through Thursday. (Regular membership already begins at 9am on Friday.)

We will only have one staff person on hand during these times, so this is for members who know their way around the shop and tools and don’t need our regular level of member support.

Check out all of our membership options below!

Individual Monthly Membership

This is our most common membership. To understand how it works, think of it like a membership to a health club, but instead of treadmills and weight machines you’ll have access to all the tools in our shop: 3D printers, laser cutters, a full woodworking shop, CNC routers, metal smithing tools, a CNC embroidery machine, sewing machines, and more.

In order to safely use many of the shop’s tools, you’ll be required to be checked out on them.

Click here to find our complete list of check out and skill development classes.

During any time you have a monthly membership, you’ll get to come and go in the shop as often as you like during our standard business hours.


Family Monthly Membership

The Family Membership works the same way as the Individual membership, but after the first adult joins, each additional adult is half price. Children under 15 are are free with a family membership.


Day Pass

With a day pass, you’ll have full access to the shop’s tools during business hours that day. If you have a smaller project, or just need to put the finishing touches on a larger project you’ve been working on, this is a great option.


Punch Card Membership

The Punch Card Membership is one of our newer membership options, and is quickly growing in popularity. You’ll get a punch card with 10 punches, each worth one visit to the shop during standard hours. You can use your 10 punches anytime over the course of a year.

This is a great option for a project that is spaced out over a long period of time, or for a series of smaller projects.


Pro Membership (Extended Hours!)

The Pro Membership is similar to the monthly membership, although you’ll get additional hours of access from 9am to 1pm Monday – Thursday. (Regular membership already begins at 9am on Friday.)

We’ll only have one staff person on hand during these times, so this is for members who know their way around the shop and tools and don’t need our regular level of member support.


All-Hours Membership

With the All-Hours Membership, you get access to the shop any time you like. You’ll have your own key and alarm code to the building.

Previously available only to members who licensed space at Maker Works, this new level of membership carries additional responsibilities. Maker Works members who have been in active membership for at least three months, who have taken at least two checkout classes, and who meet other requirements outlined in the All-Hours application, are eligible.

Click here to find out more about the All-Hours Membership.


Personal Consulting

Get custom, individualized coaching from an expert. If you’re encountering a challenge you could use a hand with, get the advice and skills you need from someone with lots of experience.

To find out more about personal consulting, stop by the front desk anytime we’re open.



K-12 teachers and administrators, students over the age of 16, and military veterans all qualify for discounts on monthly and annual memberships. All memberships are half price to these individuals.

Click here to find additional info on membership and consulting pricing.


Interested in finding out more about becoming a member?

Stop by the front desk anytime we’re open, give us a call at (734) 222-4911, or send an email to frontdesk@maker-works.com.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure and come by for a free tour of the shop!