Member Feature: Crafting a Wedding

Anyone who’s planned a wedding knows just how much work it takes. First there’s the invitations, and then come the decorations for the ceremony, and the reception, and the tables and cake, too. Not to mention the seemingly millions of other tiny details that pop up along the way.

As Maker Works member Shabier Raffee prepared to tie the knot with his fiance Samantha, he decided, quite literally, to take the matter into his own hands. In true maker style, he carefully planned and executed every last detail of his wedding and its decorations, including a 6-foot-tall logo to be placed near the entryway of the reception, over 180 custom-designed and hand-sanded wooden invites, and even 300 acrylic swizzle sticks. Throughout the course of his projects, he used many tools, including the CNC router, the laser cutter, and a letter press.

Through careful planning, hard work, and, sometimes, re-working, Shabier crafted a dream wedding day for him and his wife to share.

To learn more about how each piece was made, visit Shabier’s imgur page.