Intro to CNC

PCNC 1100 photo

PCNC 1100 photo

How do you use computer-controlled (“CNC”) tools?  It may look like magic when the ShopBot, plasma cutter, Tormach, or other machine accurately cuts an intricate shape, but in fact we have some powerful software tools that  let even beginners create fantastic projects.

This class is an overview of “CNC”–that is, computer controlled machines.  You’ll learn what CAD means, the difference between 2D and 3D, and other concepts.  We will do some very simple hands-on activities, including creating a drawing in a CAD program, using a CAM program to generate code to run on a CNC machine, and each person will send their job to a simple CNC machine and see it run!

If you have no CNC experience, this would be a great class to take before checkout classes for specific CNC machines.

There is no prerequisite for this class, but familiarity with using software on a computer will be needed–things like clicking with the mouse and so on.

Notes and other handouts will be provided.

Be sure to check out our CNC toolchain map (which we’ll explain in class) and CNC glossary at

1 class: 1.5 hours
Class size: 6 people