Introduction to the Raspberry Pi, a $35 Single-Board Computer

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Learn how to use the Raspberry Pi, a popular, powerful, and inexpensive ($25-$35!) single-board computer.  In this class we’ll cover the basics of programming the Raspberry Pi in Python, connecting simple switches, LEDs, and sensors, and creating web pages that provide remote sensing and control.  We’ll even do our programming right on the Raspberry Pi itself with a full-featured Linux operating system, graphical user interface, editors, and web browsers.

If you are familiar with the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi is a great platform for those projects that need lots more memory, more speed, video output, internet, USB, or other features.  Unlike the Arduino, there is no low-cost or reduced size or power option.  You may also enjoy the ease and power that Python offers as a programming language, and the many possibilities of the underlying Linux operating system.

This is a beginner course, so no electronics or programming experience is necessary.  (It may move slow for experienced programmers!)

We suggest ages 12 and up, but advanced younger people will probably do fine.

We supply a model B Raspberry Pi and all parts for use in the class.  You’ll take home a comprehensive set of class notes.

Learn more about the Raspberry Pi at

1 class:  3 hours

Class size:  5 people


After the class, you can download these files to use with the class notes:

A Python/Raspberry Pi Cheat Sheet