MeshCAM CAM Software Skill Development

Learn how to use MeshCAM to convert 3D CAD and bitmap files for use on CNC machines like the Tormach CNC mill.  Computers with MeshCAM will be provided.  Show up early to copy the class example files (or see link below) if you want to use your own Windows computer and have already installed the 15-day trial version of MeshCAM.

For more details on MeshCAM, see

MeshCAM is great for projects where you have continuous variations in the Z dimension, including using certain types of bitmap images.  If you can use “2-1/2D” CNC (each machining step takes place at a fixed Z height), you’ll find SheetCam is probably a better choice.  See our class list for the SheetCam class.

The class notes are available to read at the workstations if you would like a preview of the content.  You’ll take home a copy of the notes for your own.

While you may be able to generate code for the ShopBot using MeshCAM, VCarve may be a better choice.  (Feel free to discuss your needs with a staff person.)

Files used in class:

1 class: 2-1/2 hours
Class size: 5 people