Tapered Cedar Planter Skill Development

Have you taken the 3 Saws checkout class?

Would you like to get going on a project in the woodshop?


This class is an hour of one-on-one guided instruction on how to set up for repeatable mitered and beveled cuts on the miter saw, plus a lot more! When you request to take this class, you’ll be contacted by the instructor to work out a convenient time and be given a descriptive list of materials to purchase and bring to class. The materials should cost around $20, depending on where you go and what you choose.

Price: $30 (Plus the cost of the wood and screws you’ll purchase and bring to class.)

Length: 1 hour

By the end of this class, you will be more confident in:

  • buying materials for a woodshop project
  • using the miter saw in a variety of setups
  • assembling a woodshop project

Topics covered:

  • Nominal vs. actual lumber dimensions
  • Miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts
  • Different types of screws
  • Kerf
  • Laser line vs. cut line
  • Setting up a stop block for the miter saw
  • About clamps
  • Cordless drill/driver use

Tools Used:

  • miter saw
  • possibly table saw
  • pliers
  • cordless drill/driver
  • clamps

Prerequisite Class: 3 Saws Checkout

Class size: 1

Age restrictions: 16+

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