Woodworking Skill Development

Improve your woodworking knowledge with one-on-one instruction. The process of using woodworking tools in unison to create a final product is the primary focus of this class.

We’ll walk you through using the Jointer, Planer, Table Saw, and Drum Sander to gain confidence with each tool. You will also be learning how different materials and their features or defects might affect the finished project.

Woodworking skills taught: Wood identification and selection, milling, gluing/clamping, shaping, and table saw ripping/crosscutting. You’ll also learn how to use a table saw in unexpected ways.

Project: End Grain Cutting Board

Prerequisites: Attendees must be checked out on on the Jointer, Planer, Drum Sander and Table Saw.

Price: $230

Length: 7.5 hrs over 3 evenings

Class size: 2

Ages: 16+

This class is taught by Chris Riecker, find out more about his work here.