Day 1 of Maker Faire Detroit 2015 is Officially in the Books!

Day 1 of Maker Faire Detroit 2015 is officially in the books!

With a new and improved system for The Great Maker Race, an awesome team of staff and volunteers were excited about making it our greatest race yet. The rain held off at The Henry Ford, and it was under clear blue skies that about 1000 custom cars were designed, made, and raced down our original three-lane track.

The participants, who ranged in age from toddlers to teens to adults and seniors, started off by receiving a car base–a foam block glued to a wooden base. They were told they could draw any shape of their choosing, and boy were they creative! The car designs coming through our tent included sleek and streamlined aerodynamic models, semi-trucks, submarines, and even sharks.

Once their designs were crafted, participants went to the second station to cut their designs out. We had four hot wire foam cutters set up, which participants used to trace and cut out their designs.

Once their cars were all ship, shape, and ready to go, they went to the next station where they got their cars’ wheels and hammered them into the axles. At this point, it was “Let the games begin…” as their cars were loaded onto trays, handed up to the master of ceremonies, and placed on the track. With an announcement of the race, a countdown, and many eager onlookers, the starting gates were lowered and the cars zoomed down the track! Records for fastest time were set, and broken, and set again.

With a first-, second-, or third-place car in their hands, participants could then loop around the back of the tent and decorate their cars with pipe cleaners, gems, markers, and other materials kindly donated by The ScrapBox.

At the end of the day, one thing is for sure: we had one heck of a ride! If you didn’t make it out today, why not join us tomorrow? We’ll be there from 9:30a-6p when we do it all again.