Drop-In Ornament Making: Meet the Kits!

Stop by the shop on any of the first three Saturdays in December and make your own beautiful, unique ornament from one of our custom kits.

Staff members Al, Je’Tone, and Beth have created designs and cut them out of wood on the laser. You get to come by, pick out a kit, and either assemble it in the shop or take it home with you.

The penguin kit contains three penguins, and the tree kit contains three trees. Both are $15 each.

The jewelry kit comes with a pair of earrings and a necklace, and costs $20.

The other kits come with four ornaments each: the geometric shapes kit, the classic ornaments kit, and the holiday cheer kit. These are $20 each.

The first three Saturdays in December
The 5th, 12th, and 19th

Check out our photos of each kit below!

Classic Ornament Kit

4 Ornaments. $20.

Classic Ornament Kit

Classic Ornament Kit: 4 ornaments. $20.

Holiday Cheer Ornament Kit

4 Ornaments. $20.

Holiday Cheer Ornament Kit

Holiday Cheer Ornament Kit: 4 ornaments. $20.

Geometric Shapes Ornament Kit

4 Ornaments. $20.

Geometric Shapes Ornament Kit

Geometric Shapes Ornament Kit: 4 Ornaments. $20.

Jewelry Kit

One set of earrings and one pendant. $20.

Penguin Kit

3 Ornaments. $15.

Penguin Ornament Kit

Penguin Kit: 3 ornaments. $15.

Tree Kit

3 Ornaments. $15.

Tree Ornament Kit

Tree Kit: 3 ornaments. $15.