E-nabling the Future at the We Make Health Fest

E-nabling the Future

E-nabling The Future’s table at the We Make Health Fest at the University of Michigan

On Saturday, August 16, the first-ever We Make Health Fest was held at the University of Michigan.

There were all sorts of exhibitors and speakers promoting innovative approaches to health. One that caught our eye was a group called E-nabling The Future, which is committed to creating open-source, 3D-printed mechanical hand assistive devices.

Why’s this so cool? The open source designs mean that anyone can access a design and create a hand for someone who may need it. Historically, the high cost of prosthetics was prohibitive for many who could have benefited from them. The cost of materials for an E-nabling hand averages between $20 and $50.

There are a variety of designs, all of which were created by volunteer engineers, artists, students, garage tinkerers, occupational therapists, prosthetists, philanthropists and others from all over the world. E-nabling has also set up a Match Making team that pairs those who would like parts printed for them, but do not have access to a 3D printer, with organizations and individuals who do.

Want to find out more about the work E-nabling does and how you can get involved? Check out their website and Facebook page.