FIRST Robots: Complete & Ready to Compete

Dexter, Huron, Pioneer and Skyline High Schools have been making use of Maker Works space as they prepare for upcoming FIRST robotics competitions. Each robot will compete against other teams’ robots in an original game called Aerial Assist. We got the scoop on the four teams’ robots just before the time to build was up.

Dexter DreadBots

The Dexter Dreadnaughts’ “DreadBot” rests on Mecanum wheels, which allow for omni-directional movement during offensive play. It also has traction wheels that can be implemented for stability during defense. The DreadBot scoops up the ball with a metal plate, and then shoots the ball into the air with a volleyball-style serve.

Weight-permitting, the DreadBot will also be supplemented with “The Sucker Punch,” in which a car vacuum motor sucks the ball into a modified wok. An arm then releases and propels the ball into the air.

Huron Rat Pack

“Atlas,” named for its starlike appearance, makes use of an arm with wheels that spins the ball into its grasp. A laser senses that it has the ball, and the arm is raised into shooting position by motors that wind nylon rope and create tension with coils. Upon being released, the ball has a powerful skyward propulsion.

 Pioneer Pioneers

Pioneer’s robot has long, tong-like arms positioned at angles to clasp the ball. They are lowered to pick up the ball, and then quickly raised again to toss the ball outward.

Skyline Eagle Imperium

The Eagle Imperium robot has an arm with rotating rubber and spiked wheels that acts as a conveyor belt, and lures the ball within its grasp. A catapult is then pulled into position with a winch, a clutch on the winch is released, and the ball is launched into the air.

Congratulations to all the FIRST participants on engineering these awesome robots! Best of luck in competition!