Laser Cutting Fabric for Fabulous Designs

You may have known you could use the Epilog laser cutter to make custom stamps, greeting cards, and drinking glasses, but did you know you can use it for cutting intricate designs into fabric, too?

Maker Works staff member Je’Tone used the laser cutter and two pieces of fabric in contrasting colors to make a beautiful bag as a gift for her sister.

She started by using Corel Draw to create the design she wanted in the fabric. She then used the laser to cut it out, creating the design out of negative space.

After the fabric was cut, Je’Tone adhered it to the contrasting background fabric using an iron-on mesh adhesive. With the two fabrics now adhered to one another, she was able to cut and sew them into a bag using a pattern she found online. After adding metal clasps and leather handles, it was complete! Her lucky sister is in for a real treat.



If this sparked your interest and now you’re wondering, “How can I make cool projects on the laser cutter?” take a look at our laser check out class. After taking that, you’ll be prepared to operate our lasers on your own.

If you have experience operating our lasers but want a little more support using the Corel Draw software, check out our new class: Corel Draw for the Laser. You’ll learn to create artwork specifically for the laser, and you’ll get lots of individualized attention while doing so. For more information and to sign up for Corel Draw for the Laser, take a look at our class schedule.

Or maybe you’re a laser pro, and just looking for a little inspiration? Check out awesome ideas on our blog for gifts, costumes, wedding decorations, and more.

We can’t wait to see what you make!