Make-N-Take Your Own Cutting Board!

We’re excited to be offering two “make-n-take” style classes where you’ll get to improve your woodworking knowledge with one-on-one instruction, and walk away with beautiful cutting boards.

The classes are taught by long-time Maker Works member and woodworker extraordinaire, Chris Riecker.

The entire process of making the boards will be covered from beginning to end, from selecting what types of woods work best to the which finishes to use once they’re all done.

In the Long Grain Cutting Boards class, you’ll make a board where the wood grain is oriented horizontally. This means that when the board is used, the surface being chopped on is the edge of the wood.

In the End Grain Cutting Boards class, the grain of the wood is oriented vertically, so the knife comes in contact with the end grain of the wood. This style of cutting board is also sometimes called a butcher block cutting board.

The processes for making end grain cutting boards is similar to long grain ones, except that making an end grain board requires an extra set of cutting, gluing, and clamping.

In the photos above, the long grain cutting board is pictured at left and the end grain board is on the right.

Woodworking skills you’ll learn in both classes include: milling, gluing/clamping, shaping, and ripping/crosscutting with the table saw.

Each attendee will walk away with the cutting board they built during the class.

Pre-requisites: Attendees must be checked out on on the wood shop’s jointer, planer, and table saw.

Woodworking Skill Development: Long Grain Cutting Boards

Monday, May 9, 6-9pm and Tuesday, May 10, 6-8pm
Monday, June 6, 6-9pm and Tuesday, June 7, 6-8pm

Woodworking Skill Development: End Grain Cutting Boards

Monday, May 23, 6-9pm, Tuesday, May 24, 6-8pm, and Wednesday, May 25, 6-8:30pm

Monday, June 20, 6-9pm, Tuesday, June 21, 6-8pm, and Wednesday, June 22, 6-8:30pm

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