Maker Works Announces NEW All-Hours Membership!

All-Hours Membership

A new level of membership


All-Hours Membership allows you to come into the shop and work any time you like–you’ll have your own key and alarm code to the building.

Previously available only to members who license space at Maker Works, this new level of membership carries additional responsibilities and is available to Maker Works members who have been in active membership for at least three months, taken at least two checkout classes, and meet other requirements outlined in the All-Hours application.

Request an application at our front desk, or by emailing

  • All-Hours Membership is $200 a month, and renews (with notice) automatically until you tell us otherwise.  (There are no discounts for All-Hours Membership.)
  • There are a limited number of all-hours memberships. Once you have all-hours, you can keep renewing it. If you drop it, you may have to wait for an opening.
  • All-Hours Membership is by application and requires staff review.
  • All the same rules about tool use still apply–you must be checked out on a machine to use it, no production use without staff approva, etc.
  • You may reserve up to 2 hours per machine per day during the regular staffed time, and 2 hours during other hours.  (You may still use the machines as much as you like when no one else is using them.)

The All-Hours Membership is an experiment that we’re trying.
Please ask any staff person for more details.