Member Project: Giant Spirograph by Steve Teeri

spirograph2When Steve Teeri first saw an eight-foot diameter sidewalk chalk spirograph online, he knew he had to try making one himself.

While the original design had been printed onto a large piece of paper, glued onto plywood, and then cut out by hand with a jigsaw, Steve knew it was job he could do on the ShopBot.

He contacted the designer directly, who shared the graphics files with him. After some consulting with staff member Al and editing the graphics files, Steve used the ShopBot to cut out the shapes from the wood.

What he ended up with is an incredible eight foot diameter spirograph thataccommodates three different sizes of gears. When filled with chalk and placed on a sidewalk, users can easily create fun, non-permanent outdoor art.

Steve, who works at the Ann Arbor District Library, plans to use the Giant Spirograph in future outdoor events.


Steve, Al, and other Maker Works members test out the giant spirograph.