Mini Top Hat Make-N-Take, Superhero Transformation Station + More!



Mini Top Hat Make-N-Take Class

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll get to make and take home your own unique mini top hat out of felt and you’ll decorate it with ribbon, feathers, and other fun stuff. We provide the materials and know-how, and you provide your own creative spin! If you have a specific material that matches a costume bring it in with you. We can’t wait to see you there!

2 Dates!

Thursday, October 9 | 6-8p

Sunday, October 19 | 1-3p

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Superhero Transformation Station

In just an hour and a half, transform into the crime-fighting hero you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll receive a pre-made cape and mask to customize. To complete the transformation you’ll also create a personalized emblem to represent your new alter ego. Join us for a fun, high-flying evening. (Kids can be accompanied by adults).

Wednesday, October 15 | 6-7:30p

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Cape/Cloak Make-N-Take Class

Students will be introduced to the sewing machine and learn how to use patterns and implement different techniques. Bring in your own material (minimum of 2 yards) or buy one of our kits ($15-$20). Get ready for Halloween with an awesome Custom Hero Cape or Hooded wizard cloak, or just make one for your day-to-day adventures.

Thursday, October 16 | 6-8p

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