Price Changes Coming April 20, 2018

Hello Maker Friend,

During the six years our doors have been open, Maker Works has been a partner in many exciting projects, big and small. We are constantly improving on delivering our goals of providing a wide array of high quality tools, a clean and functional space, classes, training, and a supportive community. All the while, we’ve worked to meet our three bottom lines— serve PEOPLE, serve the PLANET, and make a PROFIT.

You and our staff make up the great PEOPLE of Maker Works. Either as an active member or an interested observer, we value you along with our fantastic staff, for our shared successes. The staff has committed countless hours to giving outstanding service and educating members, so it’s essential that we keep them and reward them as best we can.

Our work on the our second bottom line, PLANET, takes many forms. We help our members make instead of buy, have been the prototyping facility for several energy production or reduction start-ups, exercise lessons learned from Lean Manufacturing to minimize waste of all types where we can, host Fix-It Fridays to reduce the flow of fixable items into the waste stream, automated infrastructure such as exhaust systems for reduced waste, and completed our LED lighting conversion.

While we’re very happy with our progress on PEOPLE and PLANET, it’s our third bottom line, PROFIT, that has posed the biggest challenge. As its founders, we’ve personally kept Maker Works going, but we know that it has to become sustainable on its own in order to remain open in the long run.

Therefore, to insure a happy, productive future for Maker Works, our membership and class prices will go up effective April 20, 2018 and we are very optimistic that this will enable us to meet that critical third bottom line.

• Increase in membership rates, $20/month on average
• Increase in class prices, about $5/hour

We will honor the current pricing for memberships purchased before April 20th.Our intention is to maintain the overall value of Maker Works, giving you the most stimulating community of makers, a wonderland of tools worth $500,000, and a clean, professional space with top-notch instructors at a price that remains pretty darn reasonable.

Big thanks,
Tom Root and Dale Grover
Co-Founders Maker Works