Save the Date! Summer Camps at Maker Works: July 18 – 22, 2016

We’ve been working hard to put together a group of fun, innovative summer camps that we just know you and your camper are going to love.

Each session is a half-day (three-hour) workshop that will be held in either the morning or afternoon. And, you can mix and match as many morning and afternoon workshops as you choose! You do not have to sign up for the whole week.

Check out a brief description of each workshop below. We’ll release more details in the weeks to come!

Build Your Own Bike Shelf

Create a custom, hardwood bike rack that can hang in your garage or house! We’ll use hand tools and power tools to cut the wood and assemble the pieces. This workshop is taught by woodworking wizard Al McWaters and jack of all trades Eric Rudolph.


The Magic Behind Fairy Doors

Learn the magic behind making your very own fairy door! You’ll use a variety of tools to cut, shape, and customize your own fairy door, then decorate it with different finishes. We’ll also go over how to install your fairy door once it’s home. This workshop is taught by ambassadors to the fun and whimsical, Kc Dixon and Josh Williams.


Sew a Felt Plush Monster

Use laser-cut felt parts, hand stitching, and machine sewing to create your own tiny creature. At the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with an awesome monster and basic stitching skills to carry your interests further. This workshop is taught by innovative fiber artist and milliner Je’Tone Alexander.


Creative Costume Props

Make your own custom props like swords, lasers, weapons, crowns, and more! First, we’ll create drawings of our props and plan them, and then we’ll use a variety of materials from the ScrapBox to make them come to life! This workshop is taught by enthusiastic costume designers Stu Parnes and Kc Dixon.


Metal Lawn Ornaments

Create an incredible metal sculpture out of plasma-cut parts. We’ll be spot welding, bending, grinding, and shaping the metal to create the perfect sculpture. There will also be a plasma cutter demonstration. This workshop is taught by ambassadors to the fun and whimsical, Kc Dixon and Josh Williams.


Original Wire Jewelry

Make your own original jewelry! Design a bracelet, necklace, or ring using wrapped wire of various gauges and incorporating different beads and ways of finishing the metal. This workshop is taught by master metalworkers and jewelry designers Wade Buck and Je’Tone Alexander.


Origami Robotics

Learn a traditional Origami form (Crane or Dragon) and augment it with shape-shifting electronics! We’ll explore the basics of paper folding, electronics, and how the combination allow our creatures to move. Starting with a piece of paper and a few electrical components, you’ll go home with your own animated origami creation! This workshop is taught by world-famous origami artist Beth Johnson and electric wizard Josh Williams.