Special! Membership & Class at a One-Time Rate

A Flexible Membership & Our Most Popular Class

It’s the ‘Let’s Make It’ Special!

A great gift for Father’s Day!


Our Punch Card Membership & Epilog Laser Class, packaged together at a special rate.

The Punch Card Membership consists of 10 one-day memberships for the recipients to use anytime they want, up to a year from purchase. (It’s great for projects that are spread out, or for a number of projects done over the course of a year.  If the recipients like, they can authorize other people to use their  “punches,” too!) 


The Epilog Laser Checkout class is our most popular class. Attendees will learn how to use the laser to cut and engrave lots of different materials such as paper, fabric, plastics, wood and more! Once they successfully complete the class, they’ll be certified to use the laser on their own. The Epilog Laser Checkout class is typically offered twice each week, and can be signed up for at any time.


Purchase the “Let’s Make It” special anytime between now and Sunday, June 21, 2015 and take advantage of a special rate of $259.


Give us a call at 734-222-4911, email us at frontdesk@makerworks.com, or stop by the front desk any time during business hours and pick up the ultimate gift!