Spring Break 2018 – Fun for Kids & You too!

This is gonna be lightning fast! Come test out the new Great Maker Race track – The GMR3000!

Are you staying local for spring break (Mar 24-Apr 1)? Looking for something interesting and fun to do? Try out one of these options!


  • Forged Bracelets
    Sat 3/24 10:15am-12:15am $50

    Create your own forged bracelet out of copper wire! You’ll learn metalsmithing techniques like forming, forging, and finishing while gaining experience with anvils, hammers, and torches.

    Ages 13 and up are welcome on their own. Ages 8-12 are welcome with adult. If the adult will be making a bracelet too, register and pay for all parties. If the adult is just assisting the child, only register the child. Please arrive 10 minutes early if this is your first time to Maker Works.

  • Pewter Sandcasting Checkout Class
    Tue 3/27 2:00pm-3:30pm $35

In this class you’ll learn how to prepare models, create a sand mold, melt pewter, pour the molten pewter into the mold, and clean up the resulting casting.

This class is required in order to sand cast in the Jewelry studio.

Young people ages 13-15 may take this class with a parent or guardian who is also registered for the class, and must be supervised by this person in their future use of this tool. Ages 16 and up may take any of our checkout classes on their own with parent or guardian approval.

  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi – Programming and Interfacing
    Wed 3/28  6:00pm – 9:00pm $90

    Learn how to use the Raspberry Pi, a popular, powerful, and inexpensive ($5-$35!) single-board computer. In this class we’ll cover the basics of programming the Raspberry Pi in Python, connecting simple switches, LEDs, and sensors, and creating web pages that provide remote sensing and control. We’ll even do our programming right on the Raspberry Pi itself with a full-featured Linux operating system, graphical user interface, editors, and web browsers.

    If you are familiar with the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi is a great platform for those projects that need lots more memory, more speed, video output, internet, USB, or other features. Unlike the Arduino, there is no low-cost or reduced size or power option. You may also enjoy the ease and power that Python offers as a programming language, and the many possibilities of the underlying Linux operating system.

    This is a beginner course, so no electronics or programming experience is necessary. (It may move slow for experienced programmers!)

    We suggest ages 12 and up, but advanced younger people will probably do fine.

  • Jeanius Pocket Purse
    Thu 3/29  2:00pm – 5:00pm $60

Come learn new sewing skills while making a fabulous upcycled fashion accessory, the Pocket Purse! We will be bringing new life to worn out jeans. To kick this project up a notch students will be introduced to the sewing machine zipper foot, which they will use to add a lined zipper pocket to their purse. Students will also get to explore the art of embellishing. No prior experience needed. Ages 10+

  • GMR3000 – Great Maker Race 3000 Test Track Racing
    Fri 3/30  1:00pm – 2:30pm $20

    Design, build, decorate, and race your own car down an exciting wavy track! Modify and test your design to see how it changes your car’s performance. The GMR3000 is our newest track, so even if you raced in The Great Maker Race at Maker Faire Detroit or at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire, you can come by to try your luck on the new course!
    Ages 8+