Casey Dixon, Kcd, Kc

Casey Dixon was born and raised in Michigan. He went to Eastern Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He considers himself, a maker, artist, teacher and overall creative guy.  Currently working for Maker Works and himself.

Kcd wants to change the world, he wants to affect it in a positive and realistic way. His passion for learning, making, geekdom, and travel are all avenues in which he hopes to better himself. In this way he hopes to have a positive influence on those around him so that they may feel encouraged to be positive and to grow. In an ideal world, he would be making sculpture, doing geek things, and writing and illustrating kids books while traveling. He is passionate about teaching and learning new skills and sharing that passion for geekdom, life, and helping to build the maker community.

Kcd and Gene Foulk collaborated as The Shiny Seed, to create Invasive Species, a massive metal tree sculpture, which was an ArtPrize 2016 finalist.

News stories about their 2016 ArtPrize sculpture:

Invasive Species sculpture

Invasive Species by The Shiny Seed at ArtPrize 2016

Casey is checked out on: MakerBot 3-D Printer, Metal Lathes, Amaya 16-thread CNC Embroidery Machine, Epilog Laser Cutter, ShopBot CNC Router, 3- Saws Class, Planer/Jointer/Drum Sander, Drill Press/Bandsaw, CNC Plasma Cutter, Tormach CNC Mill/Bridgeport Mill, MIG/TIG Welding, Scotchman 45 ton Ironworker

Casey can teach: MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D Printer, Amaya 16-thread CNC Embroidery Machine, Epilog Laser Cutter, ShopBot CNC Router, Scotchman 45 ton Ironworker, Industrial Sewing Machine


  • People Person: Good at interpersonal communication.
  • Creative problem solving
  • Sewing: Knowledgeable about reading patterns, sewing variety of stitches, working with the machines.
  • Videography: Really interested in expanding his knowledge in this realm, and has experience working with a variety of cameras and editing programs. Loves the idea of visually telling a story.
  • Wood/Metal: Pretty knowledgeable about wood and metal, constantly learning in these fields and is passionate about doing so.
  • Education: Been teaching for the past 10 years, swimming, gymnastics, art, comic books. He loves to teach, because in the end he feels like he learns the most.
  • Writing: Passionate about storytelling and communicating, clearly and concisely.