Je’Tone Cherene Alexander, JT

I was born in Los Angeles, California and spent the majority of my childhood in Toledo, Ohio. My fascination and passion for making developed early thanks to my grandma. I spent many weekends as her craft show sidekick, helping her set up, then tear down, her booth. My favorite job, however, was parading her fuzzy marionette creatures throughout the craft show, grabbing the attention of potential customers. When I turned 8 she bought me my first Singer sewing machine, which sparked my love/hate relationship with textiles. It wasn’t until the end of high school, when I started making clothing, that I fully appreciated my sewing machine. It was around this time that I started exploring the art of Upcycled Fashion, beginning with T-shirt reconstruction.

I began studying Elementary Art Education at Eastern Michigan University, but eventually switched majors to better explore my artistic options and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Through my experimentation and manipulation of fabrics, my Fibers concentration allowed me to evolve into the artist I am today. I consider myself a creative jack-of-all-trades and a versatile maker but my true passion is millinery. I’ve recently started working on the launch of Madd Hatted; the first collection is a twist on the classic newsboy style hat. Every hat is one of a kind, comprised of lasercut textiles and funky fresh patterns.

Je'Tone is checked out on: Amaya 16-thread CNC Embroidery Machine, Epilog Laser Cutter, ShopBot CNC Router, 3- Saws Class, Planer/Jointer/Drum Sander, Drill Press/Bandsaw, CNC Plasma Cutter, MIG/TIG Welding

Je'Tone can teach: Amaya 16-thread CNC Embroidery Machine, Epilog Laser Cutter


Sewing Machine experience ~domestic, industrial, serger, & blind stitch machine
Embroidery ~by hand & domestic machine
Fabric dying
Low-tech Screen Printing
Needle & wet felting
Garment construction ~pattern reading & making 3D patterning
Straw/Wool hat blocking


Nail Art