The Endless Possibilities of the Epilog Laser Cutter

The Epilog Laser Cutter is one of the most popular tools in the shop, and oftentimes one of the first tools members use.

If you have a digital design, image, or text that you want to either engrave cut out of a material, the laser may just be your go-to tool. Wood, acrylic, paper, glass, and cloth can all be laser-cut and laser-etched to great effect.

Once you have a digital file of your design, you’ll use CorelDRAW software to communicate the details of the design to the laser. Think of it like drawing a picture: your brain has the image in mind, and communicates with your hand, which sketches the image.

To get started on the laser, just sign up for the checkout class. In the class, you’ll learn how to operate the laser safely, and you’ll be introduced to the CorelDRAW software.

Click here to sign up for an Epilog Laser check out class.

If you’re looking to learn even more about the specifics of using CorelDRAW, take a look at our class: “CorelDRAW for the Laser and other Machines”. In this class, you’ll learn how to use the software in-depth and how to create artwork you want.

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Just what sorts of things can be done on the laser? Check out some of the things our amazing members have made:

Chocolate molds, swizzle sticks, and other special event items

Acrylic swizzle sticks being cut on the laser

Acrylic swizzle sticks being cut on the laser

As Maker Works member Shabier Raffee prepared to tie the knot with his fiance Samantha, he decided, quite literally, to take the matter into his own hands. In true maker style, he carefully planned and executed every last detail of his wedding and its decorations.

For many of the items, he chose to use the laser. With this tool, he made an intricate rubber stamp, wooden laser-engraved invitations, an acrylic letterpress, and even 300 acrylic swizzle sticks.

Click here to see more photos of Shabier’s work.


Epic Costumes and Accessories

With the laser cutter, you have the ability to create extremely detailed designs in a very simple way.

This is certainly the case with Alexis Colombo’s awe-inspiring Maleficent costume, based on the lead character from the movie of the same name.

Each of the feathers were cut out using the laser, and if you looked closely you can see etching on each one.

The laser also lends itself well to cutting designs out of fabric. On the bag below, staff member  Je’Tone used the laser to do just that. After the fabric was cut, she adhered it to the contrasting background fabric using an iron-on mesh adhesive. With the two fabrics now adhered to one another, she was able to cut and sew them into a bag.


Really Cool Custom Signage

When it came time for his wife, Elisa, to exhibit a science experiment at the Grand Rapids ArtPrize competition, Matt Fromboluti that would engage visitors and encourage them to stop by the booth.He used the laser to cut acrylic for the sign, and incorporated LEDs to really make it glow.Check a time lapse video of making the arrow sign here:

Elisa’s experiment is now on display at Maker Works! Stop by and check it out. Find more information about it here.