Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine

Manufacturer: Bridgeport
Model: 2J

The Bridgeport 2J vertical milling machine is among the most iconic and popular metal working machines in the world.  A vertical milling machine resembles a drill press, and can be used for drilling holes, but typically is used with a cutter that can remove metal when moved “sideways” into the work piece, not just down into the material like a drill press.  To facilitate precise movement, the work piece is attached to a very rigid table that can be accurately moved to within thousandths of an inch.  Maker Works has added a digital read out that is accurate to 0.0005″, and a precision Kurt vise with SnapJaws.


Spindle R8
Spindle motor 2 HP
Spindle speed ranges 60-500, 500-4,200 RPM
Table travel 27″ x 12″ x 16″ (Z)
Quill travel 5″


  • Precision movement
  • Digital read-out
  • Variable speed
  • Standard R-8 tooling
  • Tormach TTS quick-change tooling system
  • Acu-Rite digital read out (DRO)
  • Kurt 6″ precision vise


  • This machine currently does not have power X feed.


  • Milling
  • Facing
  • Drilling
  • Boring (w/boring head)