Amaya Embroidery Machine

Manufacturer: Melco
Model: Bravo

The Amaya Bravo 16-needle embroidery machine creates colorful designs on shirts, hats, pockets, and other cloth goods at up to 1,000 stitches per minute.  A range of hoops accommodates small designs up to 14″ x 11″ jacket backs.  Pocket and hat attachments are also available.


Colors 16
Maximum design size 14″ x 11″
Stitch speed maximum 1000 stitch per minute


  • Compatible with most embroidery file formats
  • Vast selection of ready-to-stitch art
  • Software allows the creation of custom art
  • 16 colors can be used in a single run without reconfiguring the machine
  • Switching between colors is automatic
  • 1000 stitches a minute
  • 5 frame types/sizes to choose from including one for pockets and one for hats


  • Custom art requires creating a custom stitching file which can be time intensive
  • Getting best results requires experimentation
  • Previous knowledge of embroidery is helpful


  • Most fabrics


  • button stitch
  • pearl stitch