ShopBot CNC Router (48″x96″)

Manufacturer: ShopBot
Model: PRS Standard with 3hp router

A ShopBot is an amazing do-all tool for precisely cutting, carving, drilling or machining all kinds of things from all kinds of materials.  With a ShopBot, you use the included software to design your parts on your personal computer, then, like a robot, the computer controls the cutter to precisely cut your parts.  In the past, tools like ShopBots were strictly industrial tools and were referred to in factories as CNC (for Computer Numeric Control) tools.  Now, the types of tools that create things by cutting material away or building up material in layers to create an object are called digital fabrication tools, and ShopBot’s innovations have made them affordable for individuals and small shops.


XY Move Speed (with full cutting force) Variable, max. 300”/min.  (7.62m/min.)
Z Move Speed (with full cutting force) Variable, max. 180”/min.  (4.57m/min.)
XY Positioning Speed Variable, max. 500”/min.  (12.7m/min.)
Z Positioning Speed Variable, max. 240”/min.  (6.1m/min.)
Step Resolution 0.0006”  (0.015mm)
Positional Accuracy (no load) +/- 0.005in (0.127mm)
Linear Cutting Force Approximately 75 lbs. (34 Kg)
X and Y Axis Drive System Rack and Pinion
Z Axis Drive System Rack and Pinion
Input Voltage 110 volt (12 amp)


  • Wood
  • Plastics