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Laser Cutting Fabric for Fabulous Designs - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

You may have known you could use the Epilog laser cutter to make custom stamps, greeting cards, and drinking glasses, but did you know you can use it for cutting intricate designs into fabric, too? Maker Works staff member Je’Tone … Continue reading

What is FIRST Robotics? - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

It’s that time of year again–the time for FIRST Robotics! What is FIRST Robotics, you ask? Picture the culture of high school sports–the teamwork, the practices, the competitions–but instead of playing basketball or volleyball, the teams build robots to compete in original … Continue reading

Intro to CNC - classes

Posted on by Dale Grover

How do you use computer-controlled (“CNC”) tools?  It may look like magic when the ShopBot, plasma cutter, Tormach, or other machine accurately cuts an intricate shape, but in fact we have some powerful software tools that  let even beginners create … Continue reading

Save the Date! Summer Camps at Maker Works: July 18 – 22, 2016 - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

We’ve been working hard to put together a group of fun, innovative summer camps that we just know you and your camper are going to love. Each session is a half-day (three-hour) workshop that will be held in either the … Continue reading

The Endless Possibilities of the Epilog Laser Cutter - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

The Epilog Laser Cutter is one of the most popular tools in the shop, and oftentimes one of the first tools members use. If you have a digital design, image, or text that you want to either engrave cut out … Continue reading