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World Maker Faire 2014 - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

In less than a week’s time, over 600 exhibitors and thousands of makers will gather in New York City for the fifth annual World Maker Faire. For anyone who tinkers, makes, and hacks, this is the Faire to keep an … Continue reading

A Car That’s Fully Electric… and Fully 3D-Printed, Too - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

Strati is the Italian word for layers–and it’s a fitting name for the world’s first 3D-printed car, whose carbon fiber frame was literally extruded layer by layer. But what’s possibly even cooler than witnessing the first 3D-printed car is learning … Continue reading

Arduino & Open-source Imagination - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

“You don’t need anyone’s permission to make something great.” At the 5th annual World Maker Faire in New York City last weekend, Massimo Banzi presented on Arduinos–affordable micro-controllers that help make projects interactive. Banzi, a co-founder of the Arduino Project … Continue reading

The Great Maker Race – A Nerdy Derby-Style Event - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

Saturday, 2/7: 10a-12p at Maker Works You’re invited to participate in a Nerdy Derby-style race as part of a collaboration between The U School and Maker Works. Starting at 10am on Saturday, February 7th, kids ranging in ages from kindergarten through third grade, along … Continue reading

Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire–Call for Exhibitors is OPEN! - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

  The 2015 Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire is Saturday June 6, 2015, 10 AM – 4 PM! The Faire is now accepting entries for exhibitors! Exhibits in the following areas are welcome: Robotics, CNC Green Tech (energy production/monitoring, electric … Continue reading

Day 1 of Maker Faire Detroit 2015 is Officially in the Books! - post

Posted on by Maggie Cease

Day 1 of Maker Faire Detroit 2015 is officially in the books! With a new and improved system for The Great Maker Race, an awesome team of staff and volunteers were excited about making it our greatest race yet. The … Continue reading